Babycare tips

Babies, despite starting so small, are Big consumers, but there is lots of potential for them to be consumers.
Baby magazines provide long lists of everything a newborn baby needs:
Cots, prams, changing tables, high chairs and nursery furniture; lots of small items of clothing, and bedding and blankets just the right size to fit the cot and the pram; baby shampoo, oil, soap, cleansers; bottles and bottle sterilising kit; baby milks and baby food; not to mention packets and packets of nappies.
All these and much more are now available, from a growing number of suppliers, in greener, more environmentally-friendly versions. So you can get reusable washable nappies, toiletries made from natural ingredients, organic baby food and clothes made from pesticide-free or organic cotton and wool.
Of course, you may find that you can manage without some of the 'essentials' and many can be obtained second-hand from family, friends, neighbours and charity shops.